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K & K Hydraulic Juice Press

Our Price: 365

This unit is currently discontinued instead try the Welles Peoples Press (Juice Press)

The press machine is sturdily constructed for a lifetime of service. Its equipped with a manual hydraulic unit so easy to use that even a small child can operate it. Up to 4000 pounds of pressure extracts pulp-free juices quickly and easily. 2 Large Stainless steel food trays ( 2.2 quart) provide spill free operation . The squeezing area is 38.2 square inches and the capacity is 20-24 pints per hour. The press is 16 inches high and 11 inches wide and has 12 inch wide footing. Weighs approximately 29 lbs. It is constructed of carbon steel and food grade stainless steel.

The frame is Stainless steel , very sturdy, with wide footing (perhaps over engineered for strength and stability ) Frame goes through a 3 step process; 1; gets an acid bath for complete, initial rust removal 2; primed with rust inhibitor primer 3; finished with rust inhibitor paint. Food processing stainless steel trays require no maintenance other than cold water clean up.

Ease of use:
The unit requires no electricity and is completely hand operated. The juice pan is stainless steel and its depth prevents juice from squirting out the front sides and back as is common in competitor's models. The juice pan cleans up easily with cold water.

The Juice Press Factory press allows only stainless steel to come in contact with your juice, no plastic or alloys.

Food processing:
The grinder( Like Champion Juicer) simply shreds the produce into a paste consistency then the user places it in a hydraulic press to completely extract even the slightest drop of liquid out.

The extraction of juice by Press involves zero heat and no magnets to worry about cellular alteration.

The Juice Press Factory is utilizing a 2 step juicing process.

Step 1 grinding fruits and vegetables in to a paste like pulp, done by a “Champion juicer / grinder “

Step 2 Utilizing hydraulic pressure to squeeze all the liquid and moisture out of the pulp. This will produce the highest quality and quantity juice.

The Juice Press Factory press is well designed heavy duty manually, easily operated press machine,

While affordable it is producing much better result than the commercially available centrifugal type 1 step juicers.

Why not use centrifugal juicers?

Centrifugal juicers operate by grating the food against a metal disk which is spinning at a very fast speed.

The main problem with this kind of juicer is that the juicing method is extremely inefficient for extracting all the nutrients, vitamins and other essential from the produce being juiced. The resulting juice is deficient in vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, while unused pulp fibers are left containing the bulk of the valuable materials. Some studies shows that these high speed centrifugal action oxidates and destroys some of the beneficial enzymes and nutrients.

Why use 2 step method of juicing?

Juicing is an easy way to get large amounts of nutrients absorbed into one's body. The grinder/press type juicer is absolutely vital for anyone trying to conquer illness. Juicing in this manner extracts the juice (containing the vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and enzymes) and leaves the dry pulp (fibers) behind.

Includes a limited life time warranty against defect. Only the hydraulic jack has moving parts and it is not covered by our warranty. We offer 30 day money back guaranty , shipping is paid by the customer.

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