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Samson 6-in-1 Juicer (GB-9001)

Retail Price: $299.95   
Our Price: 229
Savings: 24%


The versatile "Samson" is six machines in one!

The first juice extractor to be equipped with a unique stonemill-like gear on the market!

SAMSON (Model No. GB-9001)

  • The quickest and easiest cleaning (within one minute)
  • The simplest assembly and disassembly (only 15 seconds)
  • A mill-type Single Auger instead of difficult Twin Gears, with less foam
  • Low 80 RPM speed insures the highest nutrients value
  • Higher yield, with drier pulp
  • Extracts healthy, pure juice without hazardous chemicals
  • Superbly extracts juice from Carrots, Celery, Parsley, Spinach, Wheatgrass, Apple, Orange, Kale, Cucumber, Ginger, Sprouts, and etc.
  • Excellent for Wheatgrass and all leafy greens
  • Also, can make Noodles, Pasta, Salsa, Frozen Desserts, Baby Food, Nut Butters, and Minced Fish and Meat
  • Grinds herbs & Seasonings
  • Extracts Sesame Oil (optional)

Function #1: Vegetable Juice Extractor

Samson can extract healthy juices from kale, beets, spinach, wheat grass, mugwort, yams, arrowroots, and many other leafy greens.
It can also extract juices out of aloe and pine leaves which no other existing juicers in the market have ever done before.
Function #2: Fruit Juicer

The low-speed screw gear prevents natural flavors and high nutritional contents from being destroyed. Samson can make juice out of apples, pears, peaches, carrots, oranges, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, melon, and many more! ( citrus must be peeled first )
Function #3: Seasonings Mincer/Chopper

Samson chops and minces seasonings such as garlic, scallion, onion, red pepper, ginger, radish and many others without destroying their natural flavor and nutrition.
Function #4: Meat/Fish Mincer

Samson can mince all kinds of meat and fish together with chopped seasonings such as garlic, pepper and onion to easily prepare a delicious meal.
Function #5: Food Mill

Samson can be used to make bread sticks, cookies, and pasta. It can be also used to make various types of noodles.

Compare our patented Samson with other double gear-type juice extractors, or conventional centrifugal juicers on the market

  1. Samson is made of U.S. FDA-approved polycarbonate and melamine. The materials are semi-permanent and extremely hygienic. Regular high-speed juicers can destroy natural flavor and the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits. Samson preserves as much flavor and nutritional value as possible.
  2. Samson produces 3 and 1/2 times more juice from vegetables and fruits when compared with existing conventional juice makers. Samson produces "less bubble and foam" than other double gear-type juicers.
  3. Samson has six completely different functions. Can be used as a vegetable juice extractor, a fruit juicer, a seasoning mincer/chopper, a meat/fish mincer, a food mill, and an oil extractor.
  4. Can easily be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled.
  5. Samson has a built-in safety device to prevent over-heating.
Model Name GB-9001
Weight 14.6 lbs.
Length: 15"
Width: 12"
Height: 7"
Rating Power Voltage 120 V / AC / 60Hz
Rating Power Consumption 160 W
Motor Single Phase Induction Motor
Motor Speed 1,750 RPM
Auger Speed 80 RPM
Extraction Method Patented. Mill Type Single GEAR
Squeezing Power About 1.5 HP
Motor Capacity 160 W (1/3 HP)
Gear Length, Total 6-14/25"
Gear Length, Cutting Portion 5-1/5"
Plunger Plastic
Construction Thick Plastic Housing with Melamine Gear, Metal Juice Screens in PC Frame
Carrying Handle Yes
Juice Pitcher Plastic
Electrical Cord Storage Compartment No
On / Off Control Push Buttons
Parts to clean after use 1 Gear, 1 Housing Piece, Screen, Pusher
Replacement Parts Available
Warranty 10 Years for Motor, 5 Years for Other Parts

Mechanism to Cut Stringy Fibers Yes
Juicing Wheatgrass & Hard Vegetables Yes
Continuous Juicing Yes
Juicer with Multipurpose Functions Can be used to homogenize, make nut butters, bean curd (Tofu), sorbets, baby food, pasta noodles, and mochi. Also, can mince meat, fish and seasonings, and grind coffee beans.
Fine Screen for Vegetable Juicing Yes
Juicing Fruits / Vegetables Yes. With juicing screen attached, oranges, kiwis, wheatgrass, carrots, parsley can be juiced.
Coarse Screen for Juicing Soft Fruits Yes
Pulp Adjustment Knob to control pressure on the pulp to product maximum juice amount. Yes
Pulp in Juice? (When juicing carrots) Provides more of a pulp-free juice, with little pulp in the juice.
Staining Green color screw not prone to staining
Juice Quality Low-speed technology retains as much natural fruit/vegetable flavor and nutritional value as possible
Original Design Designed as a juicer with multipurpose attachments

Noodle Nozzles 2 pieces
Pasta Nozzles 2 pieces
Juicing Nozzle 1 piece
Mincing Nozzle 1 piece
Juicing Screen 1 piece
Mincing Cone 1 piece
Cups 2 pieces
Brush 1 piece
Pusher / Plunger 1 piece
Sieve 1 piece
Fuse 1 piece
Color Cook Book 1 book
Video Tape 1 piece

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