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a juicer with fruit insideWe are Cost Plus Juicers, the place to come for the most honest and accurate reviews on both domestic and commercial juicers.

Over the last decade, the juicing industry has taken off like a rocket with the rise in popularity in a more healthy lifestyle among the public.

With a growing awareness of health, we decided to build this website to help health-conscious people like you find the best products to support that healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to choosing a juicer there are actually quite a few things to consider depending on your needs and requirements.

For example, some people may choose to be occasional users of juice machines, therefore, they may be more suited to a juicer form the budget range. However, other people will want to use a juicer on a daily basis.

In this case, then it is certainly worth spending a bit more money on a more durable model. Of course, there will also be juicers for commercial use, which will certainly need to stand up to the test of extreme juicing!

We look forward to bringing you all the top info on the best juicers for your needs. Stay posted for more!

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